CN Monday: 06/20/2011 (Recap)

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Tony here. Time for your weekly Recap of Cartoon Network’s Monday Night Line-up on the date 06/20/2011. This week the line-up consists of new episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball, MAD, and The Problem Solverz. (Both Adventure Time and Regular Show were repeats this week, so that’s why this recap will feel a tad empty). Some spoilers below. Let’s get started.

First on The Amazing World of Gumball: in “The Laziest”, the boys’ mom goes out, resulting in Richard deciding to be lazier than usual. Gumball and Darwin decide to compete with their dad over who is laziest. Good episode, though it was rather strange seeing Gumball and Darwin being rather mean-spirited. I can see, though, that this was perhaps just their naivete and impressionability leading to their cruel actions towards Lazy Larry. Nonetheless, this episode was funny and the scenes with Lazy Larry–while rather mean-spirited–were pretty entertaining; though since Gumball and Darwin just disregard it, it made it seem rather pointless. But I know, that’s the joke. Not this show’s very best episode, as it had its fair share of faults, but lots of jokes were especially inspired and the whole thing was typically goofy and hilarious. I give this episode a 9.2/10.

Then on MAD: in “Force Code/Flammable”, we had parodies of Star Wars, Source Code, and Katy Perry. This episode was, eh, alright. The opening sketch simply lost me–mostly because I have not seen Source Code so I just totally did not get any of the jokes. Which is also the fault of the writers, because a proper satire should be accessible to those who are not even familiar with the subject matter as well. This episode felt really short as well, and the few sketches that were shown were simply passable. “Flammable” was interesting because it was a song parody, which this show has never done before, and which I totally loved. Katy Perry’s “Firework” is so terrible it needs a parody, and the puppets melting from Perry’s boob sparks was hilarious. The GleeVR was my personal favorite, because 1) any riff on Glee is good in my book, 2) they referenced the Strutting Leo meme which was surprising and also amazing, and 3) they worked in a small spoof of Supernatural. This episode was funny, but felt short and a lot of it was more miss than hit. I give it a 7.9/10.

Finally, on The Problem Solverz: in “Zoo Cops”, the Problem Solverz are feeling that their popularity is decreasing because they have had no good cases and are derided for such. Things change when an insane tagger named Dork Face plots an evil dimensional based scheme against the town. This was the season finale, and very well likely the series finale, so…yeah. Let me just open by saying that after all this has been said and done, this show was fucking horrible. Its animation is too ugly and bright despite being stylistic and purposeful; the voice actors are loud and annoying despite several of them being talented people (John  DiMaggio, Grey DeLisle, Chris Parnell, George Tekai, and Mark Hamil have all lent their voices and have been wasted); the show’s surrealism is hallow and pretentious and out-of-date, like something from Newgrounds made in 5 minutes by some baked college kid; the story and plot is dull and lifeless and is used solely as a support beam for the characters to be loud and random. Now as for this episode itself? Astonishingly meta. It seems this show is aware that is is absolutely despised by 98% of everybody who has ever watched it, and it has seemingly embraced it and used it as subject matter for its episode. I commend it for that, honestly, but besides that, nothing stood out. The tagger character was alright, and surprisingly the sequence inside the “flat dimension” was well done, but I didn’t laugh once and every joke was too predictable and retreaded. Overall, despite its self-aware nature, the season (and quite obviously series) finale was about as bad as every episode before it. I give it a 4.9/10.

Overall I give this week’s CN Monday a 7.8/10. Be sure to check the line-up next week, starting at 7:30p.m. on Cartoon Network. And be sure to read more of Toons with Tony with new posts daily.


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