CN Monday: 06/06/2011 (Recap)

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Tony here. Time for your weekly Recap of Cartoon Network’s Monday Night Line-up on the date 05/23/2011. This week the line-up consists of new episodes of  The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, MAD, and The Problem Solverz. Note that this blog defines “Recap” as a short summary of the episode and a brief review/opinion of it, as opposed to the “Bit-By-Bit” recapping style of sites like SPOILERS below. Let’s get started.

First on The Amazing World of Gumball: In “The Pressure”, Darwin feels pressured to kiss a girl after incidentally being caught up in a relationship with one of them. Like with “The Dress”, this episode nails Gumball’s absolutely amazing mixture of genuine child characters with absolutely fucked up plots and surrealism. I could not stop laughing this episode, and was absolutely astonished when the series flat out has Darwin and Gumball kiss (albeit they cut away). The things this show is able to get away with, and the way it’s able to handle it so unflinchingly and so well is really a feat all alone. This show is hilarious, and–picking itself up from last week’s slightly below-average installments–stole the night. Unfortunately, they’re rationing episodes now, so they only aired one, which left a rather off half an hour gap in the CN Monday block, but that’s another discussion really. I give it an A+.

Then on Regular Show: In “A Bunch of Baby Ducks”, Mordecai and Rigby find a bunch of baby ducks in a fountain and (not sending them to the moon) try and figure out what to do with them. Now while not as good as last week’s episode, this was still a good episode. The jokes worked, the ducks were entertaining, and the big typical “irregular ending” was insane and hysterical, as always. A sizable installment which I have no complaints about, but no exaggerated praise or more elaborated comments about. Bottom line–a good episode. I give it an A-.

Next on MAD: In “ArThor/The Big Fang Theory”, we have sketches parodying Arthur, Thor, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yogi Bear, and more. This episode was a tad underwhelming. The opening sketch was funny, though the inclusion of Rango was random. While they ended up fitting him into the plot with a joke, he seemed out of place, like they had nothing to do with him until that last gag. “Yu-Gi-Bear” was a clever sketch that I enjoyed, as was “Alvin and the Monks”, the two of which seemed to be the saving graces for this episode. The closing sketch, “The Big Fang Theory”, was a mash-up of The Big Bang Theory and–you guessed it–Twilight. Look, MAD: I know your job is to lampoon popular media. And I know Twilight offers loads of possible jokes and satirical material. But calm the fuck down. They’ve done a Twilight bit practically every week and frankly it’s becoming tiresome and–as in this week’s parody–is downright unfunny at times. Pick it up, MAD, you can do better than this. I give it a B.

Finally on The Problem Solverz: In “Magic Clock”, a Problem Solverz fangirl (lol, like those exist) begins following the team around during their latest mission to retrieve a stolen magical clock, though she is too obsessive–particularly in her romantic fascination with Roba. Okay, time to go all long-winded here. Remember last week when I said that a small positive element in last week’s episode was that the plot was actually followable? Well, here’s the problem–“Magic Clock”‘s plot is indeed very easily followable, but that’s because it is basic, rudimentary, and rooted in stereotypes and archetypes. Once again this show just cannot solve its fucking problems without creating new ones in the process. This was predictable and–as always–dumb throughout. The fangirl was the most basic form of obsessed fangirl and creepy stalker, and while her line “Your shadow is so attractive, Roba” is a funny line, that’s it. A few funny lines here and there is not enough to support this crumbling show. This show admittedly makes me sad. I am embarrassed for this show, because I watch it every week and I see as it tries to improve its problems, but it’s just failing so miserably. It fixes a fault by making it something worse, or it adds in something else to try and cancel out the negative elements without actually taking out the negative elements. I want this show not to get renewed for a second season–not because I hate it, which I do, but because I simply think it needs to be taken out of its misery. I give it an F-.

Overall I give this week’s CN Monday line-up an A-. Be sure to check the line-up next week, starting at 7:30p.m. on Cartoon Network. And be sure to read more of Toons with Tony with new posts daily.


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