Tony here. Time for the end-of-the-week Sunday Wrap-Up. It’s here that I look back at the week in animation and say what I thought worked, what I thought failed, and what I thought was the best-of-the-best of week. (You’ve probably noticed a lack of actual reviews this week. I’m hoping to make up with that with this, but next week I’ll try and squeeze in reviews with recaps and perhaps some new stuff, like DVD reviews) Some spoilers follow. Let’s get started.
On CN Monday, we had new episodes of:

  • The Amazing World of Gumball — Two very solid episodes (“The Spoon” being the best of the pair) which were not quite on par with last week’s, but still managed to be fun, funny, and awesomely weird. Hot Dog With a Mustache is the next Chuck Norris. I give it an A-.
  • Regular Show — An absolutely spectacular episode of the show and a massive improvement of the last two week’s slightly underwhelming episodes. Did what Regular Show does best and turns a basic premise into a way-out-in-left-field, bonkers plot in the future which had me cracking up throughout. Best episode of the night. I give it an A+.
  • MAD — Definitely one of MAD‘s more on the ball installments. Great sketches littered throughout, with both of the title sketches being majorly funny. The show does a lot of Twilight parodies, but “TwiSchool Musical” was definitely their best one to date. Also, both the writing and animation of the “Avenger Time” sketch managed to impress me, offering both a good chuckle and sizable technical feats (like the bit with ’60s Avengers). I give it an A.
  • The Problem Solverz — Louder, more hyper, and less containable than any episode of The Problem Solverz so far, this actually managed to somehow show growth for this drab show. With so much going on the show managed to slip in actual moments of comedy, and somehow made a plot that was actually followable for the most part. As the episode eased in, the jokes stopped being funny and plot became the same-old boring crap, but there’s only so much to be expected from this show I guess. I give it a D+.

On CN Tuesday, we had new episodes of:

  • Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated — A pretty good episode that had some laughs and a clever twist. I’m not big into shipping but the romance factor of this episode offered a nice development for both Shaggy’s and Velma’s characters. Felt a bit underwhelming at points, but definitely nothing to complain about. I give it a B+.
  • The Looney Tunes Show — Definitely better than last week’s episode, but delivered solely because literally every scene or moment with Daffy was gut-bustingly hysterical. I don’t know how they did it, but they’ve finally found what they want to do with this incarnation of Daffy and they’re making it work in every possible way. From his inevitably-memetic van, his Bob Fosse outfit, him constantly trying to sneak attack Gossamer, Daffy made this episode. Unfortunately, it seemed they were padding for time and had to add a rather weak b-plot with Bugs and Speedy which didn’t really resonate, and there was a rather unnotable Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner skit at the end as opposed to a Merrie Melodies short. When Gossamer finally sung, I wasn’t really sure what they were trying to do, but Daffy alone is enough to like this episode. Best episode of the night. I give it an A-.

On Comedy Central Wednesday, we had a new episode of:

  • South Park — “WHAT A TWEEST!” That’s literally all there is to say about this episode of South Park. Insane, off-the-wall, and legitimately shocking, there wasn’t really any straight satire as it was just a truly original and surprising story. The gags on split personalities, both actual and just Butters’ playtime personas (Porn Star Butters???), and all the jabs at Asian stereotypes were just hysterical. Something the show has been known for since its creation is how unpredictable and shocking it is. This was originally for its vulgar comedy, but now that that’s sort of become commonplace, it’s nice to see that the show can mange to remain as shocking and clever as ever. I give it an A.

On The Hub Saturday, we had a new episode of:

  • Dan Vs. — Definitely not a poor or even underwhelming episode, but it did feel like a minor step down. The jokes were funny, though quite not as laugh-out-loud funny as they should have been. They also pretty much did everything they could with Elise’s parents two weeks ago, so everything with them in this episode just seemed recycled. Nonetheless, I loved how Dan brought Mr. Mumbles with him the entire time, and the bits with the bear were entertaining. Not a bad episode but not really anything of note in the grand scheme of this show. I give it an A-.

So overall, the Best of the Week were:

  1. Regular Show — “The Night Owl”
  2. South Park — “City Sushi”
  3. MAD — “TwiSchool Musical/Avenger Time”
  4. The Looney Tunes Show — “Monster Talent”
  5. Dan Vs. — “The Family Camping Trip”

That’s it for me. Yay for actually doing this on time for the first time, though I still apologize for the lack of reviews this week. Maybe next week we can have it both ways, hm? See you next time.





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