CN Monday: 05/30/2011 (Recap)

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Tony here. Time for your weekly Recap of Cartoon Network’s Monday Night Line-up on the date 05/23/2011. This week the line-up consists of new episodes of  The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, MAD, and The Problem Solverz. Note that this blog defines “Recap” as a short summary of the episode and a brief review/opinion of it, as opposed to the “Bit-By-Bit” recapping style of sites like Minor spoilers below. Let’s get started.

First on The Amazing World of Gumball: In “The Quest”, Anais’ doll is stole on the bus and taken by Tina the Dinosaur, so Gumball and Darwin go to Tina’s house to try and retrieve it. Note that I actually sort of missed a few brief parts due to not paying attention, but overall this was sort of a weaker episode. I still love these characters and I enjoy the sincerity of them–Gumball and Darwin are not mean-spirited; they are genuinely nice, well-meaning people, and that’s what this show is. Well-meaning. And rather hilarious. Not as funny as last week’s, but still a success. I give it a B+. On “The Spoon”, Gumball and Darwin are caught up in a robbery at a gas station, where they are tricked into thinking the robber is a good guy trying to gather money and items for a charity for bald people. This episode was hysterical, about on par with last week’s. Gumball’s dad as surprisingly grown on me–despite being basically a one-note bumbling dad archetype, he’s very amusing and the show knows what to do with him to get a very well-deserved laugh. Gumball’s and Darwin’s genuine childish nature is also something that I appreciate in this show; these feel like real children, and their honest obliviousness and good intentions make them both likable and hilarious. Also of note: the sausage with a mustache? Absolutely amazing. I give it an A.

Then on Regular Show: In “The Night Owl”, Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and High Five Ghost compete in a radio contest in order to win a car they all agree to share. But the evil nature of the radio host, The Night Owl, begins coming into play and things go a bit, well, irregular (lol horrible puns). Now this is more like it. I admit to being rather disappointed by the last two weeks episodes of RS; they were good, but they just didn’t do it for me. “The Night Owl”, however, was just perfect. Every joke nailed it, and the whole thing was fun, entertaining, and actually quite exciting. It also did what I think the last two episodes did not due–it led with something regular and dissolved into something completely off-the-wall, unpredictable, and insane. That’s the Regular Show way, and it’s what makes the show so fun and entertaining. I give it an A+.

Next on MAD: In “TwiSchool Musical/Avenger Time”, we have sketches parodying Sonic the Hedgehog, High School Musical, and Disney Channel actress Demi Lovato. This was also a major improvement over last week’s episode. While the filler sketches were fine themselves (especially “X For Demi’s”, a parody of For Dummies books and Demi Lovato), the two leading and closing sketches were absolutely spectacular. MAD has done what must be a dozen Twilight parodies already, but this one was definitely their best. The sight gags worked well and the satire itself was amusing. “Avenger Time”, which combined The Avengers with Adventure Time, really worked for me, and for once MAD‘s animation was actually impressive. It was clever and actually very funny. Definitely a great installment. I give it an A.

Finally, on The Problem Solverz: in “Fauxboro”, the guys stumble onto a problem themselves when they notice everyone in town has become mindless robots who don’t wear pants. I have more to say about this episode than I do most TPSz episodes. First off the bat, this was, for the most part, a slight improvement over the rest of the series. This was more insane, loud, and hyper than any episode before it, and this, well, makes it more annoying, but it also means with so much things going on, certain things are bound to be funny. Alfe actually managed to have some actually funny lines in the beginning. And another I thing I must note is that this episode’s plot was actual followable. The core problem of this show, past the bland characters or in-your-face attitude, is the sheer dullness of the plot. The show is impossible to follow because it is so isolating to the audience that it results in disinterest. But this episode’s plot was actually comprehensible, which I give it credit for. Still, that was about it. Plot was dumb and random nonetheless, and the whole thing seemed louder and more uncontrollable. Despite the surprising improvements, this episode was still a piece of Alfe. I give it a D+.

Overall I give this week’s CN Monday line-up an A. Be sure to check the line-up next week, starting at 7:30p.m. on Cartoon Network. And be sure to read more of Toons with Tony with new posts daily.


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