Dan Vs: “The Fancy Restaurant” (Review)

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Tony here. Time to review Saturday’s episode of Dan Vs. This new episode, “The Fancy Restaurant”, aired Saturday, May 21st, 2011, on The Hub. My apologies on the lateness in this post–I lost track of time and was not able to write this (or the Sunday Wrap-Up) yesterday as I intended. That being said, it is my intention to get this out as soon as possible, and to post the Sunday Wrap-Up later today, despite it not actually being Sunday. Be sure to watch the episode before reading this review, because MAJOR spoilers below.  Let’s get started.

In “The Fancy Restaurant”, Dan is appalled to learn that his favorite sandwich shop has been replaced with a snooty fancy restaurant that–GASP!–does not even sell sandwiches! Naturally, Dan seeks revenge.

This episode spares no seconds on the laughs, opening with a simply outrageous fantasy with Dan and a talking, female sandwich (it’s as weird and hysterical as it sounds). Lots of other funny gags throughout this episode, including Dan constantly thinking the valet is asking for a high five when he sticks his hand out for a tip and the repeat of the opening gag, but twist to feature the sandwich fucking leaving him after an affair. That old Simpsons quote, “You want a realistic, down-to-earth show… that’s completely off-the-wall and swarming with magic robots?” is something that I think really applies to how this show is able to perfect a low-key, almost realistic world and brim it with over-the-top lunacy and utter insanity.

Also in the mix is some well-done character development and continuity. We get to see Chris and Elise have their own storyline that actually manages to not diverge into Dan’s insanity until well into the second act. The concept of both of them forgetting their own anniversary lead to some genuinely nice and sweet moments for their characters. We also get some callbacks to things like Dan’s love of sandwiches, and some mentions of Dan’s past revenge schemes that ended up ruining Chris and Elise’s previous anniversaries. I shudder to think what “that thing with the nuns” was.

Admittedly, the stuff with the dungeon chefs was a tad confusing and out-there, but I felt it worked as a nice and funny moving point for the story. Some of the characters felt a tad too much like the hobo from “Technology”, but as the episode progressed we got some more individualized personalities and jokes from the group. I especially liked the recurring bit with the one chef slapping another one for incompetency. Pimp-slaps amuse me.

Not much to say on the animation here. I’ve always been impressed with the show’s smooth character designs and crisp, on-the-note storyboarding. The animation itself flows well and it never stilted, but nothing of spectacular note.

This was yet another good episode from this show, packed with hilarious jokes and delivering fully on entertainment. I give it an A.

Be sure to watch Dan Vs. every Saturday night on The Hub at 8:30pm EST, and be sure to keep reading Toons with Tony, which updates practically every day.


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